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Odd combinations




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Digital Communication Awards 2022, Boldest campaign, Bronze


Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is one of mankind’s deadliest endemic diseases and increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. The pharmaceutical company Bayer wanted to raise awareness of the disease, sparking the interest of general practitioners and nurses to learn about how they can detect and diagnose PAD – by just asking a few simple questions.


After interviews with the target groups, we realized that many different names were used to describe the disease. That insight, combined with the fact that other comorbidities ranked as more urgent, resulted in the strategy "Odd Combinations". Instead of communicating about PAD explicitly, we used the comorbidities with greater awareness, including previous heart attack, diabetes, and angina together with the cardinal symptom of PAD, leg pain. The campaign was launched on LinkedIn, Facebook and niche websites for healthcare professionals. All the creatives led to a campaign site offering downloadable educational content about PAD.


The campaign had a total reach of more than 12,000 and generated 2088 site visitors, where almost 200 downloaded content from the site.

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