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We are specialised in helping companies create understanding and interest through clear and creative communication. In cooperation with our clients, we develop strategies and concepts that are used as the basis for annual and sustainability reports as well as communication with their stakeholders. Ask us about CSRD, taxonomy or the latest trends in corporate reporting.
Atrium Ljungberg
Axel Johnson
Ernst Rosén
Tredje AP-fonden

Accessible reporting on the web, interactive pdf and in print

Integrating web, print, and social media platforms in reporting projects offers substantial value by reaching a broader audience and enhancing engagement. This multi-platform approach combines the immediacy and interactivity of the web, the credibility of print, and the sharing capabilities of social media, ensuring comprehensive visibility and impact.
Mockups of Rejlers Annual and Sustainability Report 2023.
Mockup of Securitas and SEB reports.
The demand for printed annual reports remains high. Each year, Narva produces printed annual and sustainability reports featuring special effects and innovative format solutions.

The one-pager serves as an effective complement to the full-scale annual and sustainability report. It provides the reader with a concise and comprehensive overview of the company and the past year’s highlights.
Interactive PDF
Interactive PDFs can present complex information in an engaging and easily understandable format, enhancing communication with clients, stakeholders, and employees.
Mockup of Boliden report on iPad.

How we increase the interest in our client’s reporting

To create further awareness, we help many companies with strategic PR and customised content for social media. The ambition is to prolong the interest for the report and reach a wider audience with selected parts of the reporting content.
Reaching the right audience 
By leveraging both paid and owned media, we ensure your stories reach key targets. Whether they are institutional or retail investors, stock analysts, your most important customers, or future employees, we have the strategies to connect with them effectively.

Our approach includes role-based segmentation on social media and purchasing online spaces on business sites and investor forums.
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Investor relations and reporting advice

We offer customised investor relations and reporting advice. We believe in creating transparency in all aspects of communication, which is crucial to building trust with investors and other stakeholders. By analysing your performance, targets and external expectations, we can work together to identify strengths, opportunities and areas for improvement. In doing so, we help formulate strategies for the future that support your vision and long-term objectives.

“The new reporting regulations will force companies to fundamentally change and place sustainability in focus”

Marie Slorach
Senior Consultant
Portrait of Marie Slorach, Senior Consultant at Narva Communications

Building trust and accountability

A sustainability statement can be more than a mandatory report. Allow it to enhance transparency and trust. Use it as a collaborative tool for a heightened, fact based dialogue. Benefit from letting your key stakeholders know where you are going and why.
Portrait of Tove Winiger Gessau, Senior Sustainability Expert, Narva Communications

“People, planet and ethics are not optional, they will be the heartbeat of your brand narrative”

Tove Winiger Gessau
Senior Sustainability Expert
Sustainable strategy
We support with advice and knowledge for ensuring a future proof business that accelerates sustainable transformation. We know regulatory reporting frameworks, helping you evaluate every step of the way towards your ambition. With messages stemming from your results and actual milestones, we create stories for you to be heard, to inspire and to challenge to action.
Spread from Rejlers Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

From creative concepts to final art.
On all media touchpoints.

In a rapidly changing visual landscape, our aim is to design attention-grabbing content that resonates with customers, ensuring an enjoyable reader experience.
A group of people in a photo studio
Photo direction
Our Art Directors work closely with photographers, offering clear guidance and supervising photo shoots to ensure they align with the creative concept. They direct composition, lighting, and styling to enhance the desired narrative or aesthetic.
Concept development
Innovative ideas can boost business and influence people. A solid creative concept provides a strong foundation for design to build upon.
Photo of Jarl Fernaeus and Olle Jansson looking at a laptop screen
Svenska Designpriset logotypePublishingPriset logotype
Awarded design
To win award usually means we’ve done a great job on a project, often with a fresh and interesting creative approach. We’ve won medals and been nominated in contests like the Swedish Design Award, Publishing Award, and FAR. And more to come.
Atrium Ljungberg award winning report
Model of Narva Communications Design process
Design process
We ensure the security of the concept development phase and publication crafting by maintaining an open and effective process, working closely with our clients.
Illustrative WCAG chart showing background and foreground colour and how it's passing the checks.
We harness accessibility evaluation tools to meticulously identify and resolve issues. This not only fosters inclusivity but also ensures adherence to accessibility regulations. All Designers and Art Directors are schooled in WCAG accessibility.
SAS Annual and Sustainability Report 2023 cover
Brand building
Often one of the most important aspects of a corporate reporting project. Through distinctive designs in line with the brands visual identity and a clear design narrative we aim to leave lasting impressions and publications who wants to be read!

We make the difficult simple

We have a strong track record of turning complex information into clear and transparent communication. Through pedagogical tools, logical layouts and use of infographics, we create understanding. And by taking into account the needs and interests of stakeholders, we customise communication to get the most important messages across.
Clear messaging
There is always space for communicative messages, so let the core messages begin on the cover and run throughout the report. This ensures that your key points are consistently emphasized and reinforcing your brand identity.
Eastnine annual report 2023 cover
Eastnine – Annual Report 2023
Page from Alleima Annual Report 2023
Alleima – Annual Report 2023
Infographic example from Securitas
Infographics help the reader to absorb complex information in a simple and visually appealing manner. By presenting data and insights in this format, infographics facilitate easier comprehension and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Above, Securitas – Annual Report 2023
Page from Sandvik annual report 2023
Image and text
The synergy between imagery and text enhances the narrative of the company, ensuring a clearer communication of its story. Narva’s copywriters collaborate closely with art directors to ensure seamless integration and alignment between words and visuals, resulting in the most effective representation.

Above, Sandvik – Annual Report 2023

This year’s reporting seminar at Narva – Trust your own judgement on ESRS

Companies have rolled up their sleeves and are well into the implementation of ESRS – the new EU rules on sustainability reporting. Over two sessions in Stockholm and Gothenburg, people in Narva’s network gathered to share ESRS experiences. Narva presented an interview study in which we have looked at how ESRS has already left its marks on organisational approaches to sustainability. The takeaway: don’t look at others too much. Trust your own judgement.
Audience at the CSDR seminar in Stockholm
Tove and Marie speaking at the CSRD seminar in Stockholm

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