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Reinventing Rejlers visual identity




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Founded in 1942, Rejlers is one of the leading engineering consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Rejlers' strategy aims at the year 2025 to transform into a larger, more focused, and profitable company and the industry's most learning organization. Their new vision, "Home of the Learning Minds," was the starting point for the new visual identity that Narva was asked to develop.


The identity was designed to be experienced as something "new" and a significant change. One goal was to attract new employees and customers and be shared as an energy injection internally and for existing customers. It was also crucial to the client to keep some recognizable elements that could be linked back to Rejlers long history.


The continued work has been about implementing the design, permeating the identity throughout the entire organization, and being used daily by roughly 2,000 employees. Externally, it has resulted in advertising campaigns, company presentations, and other marketing communications, to name a few things.

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