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Hard to swallow


CSL Vifor


Motion design

Communication design

Communications strategy




Digital Communication Awards 2022, Campaign of the year, Silver


Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) is an allergic condition causing swallowing difficulties and chest pains. Many patients suffer from being undiagnosed, which results in avoidance of eating in public and general anxiety towards food. CLS Vifor wanted us to create a multichannel campaign to make people with symptoms see their general practitioner.


Communicating about a relatively unknown disease – where the social and psychosomatic aspects are relatable for many people – is difficult in terms of targeting. To be as inclusive and accurate as possible we therefor used a dynamic set of symptoms, both physical and psychological, combined with a more patient-friendly wording of the disease: Allergic esophagus. The campaign was launched on social media and online TV, leading traffic to a campaign site with information about the disease, testimonials, and self-tests.


The campaign generated 35,000 visitors to the site and more than 10,000 self-tests. More than 30 % tested positive, i.e., more than 3000 patients were encouraged to see their GP.

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