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Peripheral artery disease, or PAD, is more deadly than many cancers and affects 20% of all Swedes over the age of 60. With the disease comes an increased risk for both heart attack and stroke. Yet no one really talks about it. For the pharmaceutical company Bayer, treating PAD has long been an issue close to heart. They wanted to find a way to raise awareness about the disease – and save lives.


We needed to find a creative solution that would communicate the symptoms and severity related to PAD and encourage those at risk to seek care. Without being too alarming.
We decided to put our finger on the problem. Literally. Essential information about PAD was presented in quirky films that were spread on social media, through a dedicated landing page where visitors could learn more, and in the waiting room via patient-TV. In addition, we created a checklist, downloadable from the landing page, supporting the patients in their contact with healthcare.


More than 60 000 people visited the landing page during the campaign period and 11 000 people downloaded the checklist, indicating that Bayer succeeded in meeting their primary goal to encourage those at risk to learn more and seek treatment. Raising awareness about one of our least known – and most serious endemic diseases.

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