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A new business state of mind




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The startup movement BLING has a clear idea – to counteract segregation and exclusion through entrepreneurship. Their mission is simple: Bringing Locals into Innovation and Growth. When it was time for the next step in their brand journey, Narva and Bling teamed up to take the brand to the next level. With cost efficiency in mind, Bling commissioned us to develop a new brand identity that cultivates their heritage and stays true to their roots. The brief was simple yet challenging: BLING wanted “something like Supreme (the American streetwear brand), but more business.”


After a workshop with the amazing people at BLING, we began by writing a manifesto to set the tone, which ultimately manifested as “A new business state of mind.” We were asked to develop a new brand identity and retain their previous work, including the red color and arrow logo. It was also important to stay true to its suburban background and “streety” feel.The brand design was born from the insight that bold people deserve nothing but bold design. The new confident logo showcases a new generation of entrepreneurs.


Soon after the new identity was launched BLING set up a venture capital arm to enable its member companies to grow faster through venture capital. The new branding was the launch pad for BLING’s next phase – The suburb startup movement.

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