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A bored engineer is a risky business




Employer brand strategy

Competitor and target group analysis

Digital activation

Creative Direction




To reach their growth targets, the engineering consultancy firm Rejlers needed to increase the pace of recruitment. Narva's mission was to create a recruitment campaign that attracted attention, thereby getting more candidates to apply to Rejlers. The main message should be simple: Time to change jobs - change to Rejlers!


The tonality of the campaign was based on the branding work that Narva had previously done for Rejlers. In the recruitment campaign, we saw strength in being perceived as lively, resourceful, and funny, without being silly. To strengthen the credibility of the communication, we wanted to highlight that Rejlers protects the learning culture and encourages innovative thinking and collegial learning within the framework of the vision: Home of the Learning Minds. The target group for the campaign were engineers. They are problem solvers, do-it-yourselfers, smart (and know it), innovative, and have a make-it-work mentality.
As an entry into the creative field, Narva worked from the insight that engineers are natural problem solvers. If you don't get an outlet for your abilities at work - what do you do with them in your spare time? As the campaign ran during the holiday season (summer), we also wanted a summer feeling in the outlets.


The concept was rolled out as social media ads and a traditional postcard sent to dream candidates. To complement the campaign, we also made Google ads on the theme. There are plans to develop the concept during the fall.

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