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Guidelines for Positive Influence





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Spinn - Thought Leader, 2023


Unrealistic beauty standards in social media are affecting the self-esteem of girls and women, leading to mental illness, and eating disorders. Dove aimed to combat this issue by inviting top influencers in Sweden to say no to beauty filters and editing tools, encouraging others to follow suit and change the content young women consume.


Dove invited six of Sweden's most prominent influencers to join forces in creating Guidelines for Positive Influence, which aimed to combat harmful beauty stereotypes and promote inclusivity. The influencers discussed the issue of editing tools and beauty filters in a workshop, and a policy document was developed to guide influencers, agencies, and advertisers on how to avoid contributing to unrealistic beauty standards. The guidelines were then sent to industry organizations and influencer networks for support.

The Guidelines for Positive Influence were launched through an opinion piece signed by the influencers and published in a major Swedish newspaper. An Instagram filter with a warning label about the negative effects of using beauty filters and editing tools was also made available. The guidelines were published on a landing page accessible to everyone.


The response to Guidelines for Positive Influence was immediate, with coverage by major news outlets and the influencers invited to speak on Sweden's biggest televised morning show. The initiative also generated important conversations on social media, raising awareness about the negative effects of unrealistic beauty standards.


The campaign achieved a total of +5.7M earned media reach, with +5K shares generated by traditional press coverage and +8M estimated impressions on socialmedia. The influencers who chose to join Guidelines for Positive Influence and say no to beauty filters and editing apps reached over 2.2M people in their social channels, resulting in a tangible change in the nature of the content young women consume.


Guidelines for Positive Influence for Dove won gold in the Swedish PR competition Spinn in the category Thought Leader.

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